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Over the last few years much learning has taken place while building the perfect model for Brave Hearts. The girls have been amazing, and each has had a unique experience in their own growth. Not only have the girls grown through a series of literacy discussions, field trips, community sharing and guest speakers, the facilitators have grown as well. Each Brave Heart group takes on their own personality, there is no one size fits all. Whether the girls are finding voice and conceptualizing ways to better express themselves, overcoming problems in school work or relationships, or just the middle school haze, each has found their voice and the ability to work through difficulties, realizing problems can be overcome. 


Brave Hearts is quickly becoming a known national mentoring group for middle school girls, we welcome the opportunity to bring Brave Hearts to your girls. Please visit our website at to learn more in how to bring Brave Hearts to your school or CBO. You can also learn how to support and fund Brave Hearts to ensure more girls are able to take part and grow.


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